COVID-19 Testing at Long Valley Community Center

COVID-19 Testing at Long Valley Community Center

Long Valley Health Center now has COVID-19 testing capabilities through Quest Laboratory; however, we have a very limited amount of testing supplies at our clinic. This means we cannot test everyone who wants a test or who have mild symptoms. Until we can get more supplies we will be reserving tests for those at greatest risk for complications or those with greatest exposure and symptoms. We do not know how many test kits we will be able to get or how long until the kits arrive.

It is also very important to know that once a person is officially tested they will be required to stay on home isolation AND their close contacts will need to wear a mask when in public and limit public outings until their own test results are available.

As of the publishing of this post, there is one confirmed case in Mendocino county.

As A Reminder:

LVHC is asking all patients with flu-like symptoms to call ahead so we can properly prepare. As instructed by Public Health we will begin assessing people over the phone, directly in their personal vehicles if available, or in an isolated room with a separate entrance to keep people out of the common clinic areas such as the waiting room. Keeping our patients and staff safe from exposure is our top priority as well as making sure those who are sick are still able to receive quality care.