Recent Appointment Changes at LVHC

Medical Care In Laytonville

Long Valley Health Center staff are working very hard to continue providing medical care to our community. We have made many changes and are planning and preparing daily for any needs this wonderful community may have.

We have switched almost all appointments to TeleHealth over the phone and are working on setting up a video option. This is a great tool and allows many medical and behavioral visits to continue. Our front desk staff is working hard to help set these up. If a patient needs an in-person medical visit, we are still providing those services; however, those visit will most likely be conducted in the parking lot. This is to limit traffic into our building and to keep our staff and patients who may need to enter the building safe. We are asking anyone who is coming to the clinic to please call from the parking lot as we have locked the front door to avoid unscreened walk-ins. Please bring a cell phone with you, if available.

We are able to test for COVID-19 at our clinic; however, we only have a limited supply of testing materials so we are reserving them for the highest need. Our lab company is also being flooded and turn around time is slow. Also, it is mandatory by public health that anyone being tested needs to remain in complete isolation until cleared. We will continue to communicate with the public when our testing capabilities change.

Our Dental Clinic is doing emergency and limited procedures based on essential needs. Our goal is to limit infections by prevention so people don’t end up in the emergency rooms. 

Our chiropractic and acupuncture services will be closed for now. We understand this will be very difficult for some, but we need to take these steps to keep this community safe. 

Things are changing everyday and we really appreciate our community's patience and adaptability. We have proven to be a very resilient community and the staff at LVHC is very proud to be working for you all. 

Thank you.

Long Valley Health Center