Mandatory Facial Coverings in Mendocino, May 1st

Mandatory Facial Coverings In Mendocino For Coronoavirus

Mendocino County has issued a mandatory facial covering in public order which is going into place on Friday, May 1.

According to the County of Mendocino, the Order states people must wear a facial covering before they enter:

  • An indoor facility (except their home)

  • Any enclosed space

  • An outdoor space where they cannot keep a distance of six feet away from others at all times

The county also states that, "employers who require their employees to leave their residence to work or provide a service must make sure that their employees comply with this Order while on duty by either:

  • Supplying employees with facial coverings, or 

  • Making sure that employees have access to facial coverings, or 

  • That their employees are using their own facial coverings."

More information is available on the County of Mendocino's website along with the details of the revised Shelter in Place order which will be in place until May 10th.

When selecting a mask, follow the guidelines below from the CDC.

  • Make sure you can breathe through your mask

  • Wear your mask whenever going out in public

  • Make sure it covers your nose and mouth

  • Wash your mask after using it

Do not use a mask on a child under two years old.

Do not use a surgical mask or other PPE intended for healthcare workers.

Face Covering Information For Coronoavirus

More information about proper mask fitting and instructions on how to make your own mask at home are available on the CDC website.