Please review the following policies to best understand how the Long Valley Health Center is able to serve you:


Here at the Long Valley Health Center, we understand that health information about you and the health care you receive is personal.  When you receive treatment and other services from us, a record is created to help us provide you with quality care and also to comply with legal requirements.


Our Notice of Privacy Practices informs you of the ways in which we may use and disclose your personal health information as well as your rights with respect to the health information we keep about you and the obligations we must meet when we use and disclose your health information.  The Notice applies to all of our records about your care, whether made by our health care professionals or others working in this office.

Prescription Refills

All prescription refills now require 3 business days notice.


Any prescription other than a controlled substance needs to be called into the pharmacy of your choice at least 3 business days ahead of their due date.


For controlled substances, we require that all patients be seen on a regularly scheduled monthly basis to receive prescriptions/refills of these medications in order ot allow us to monitor and adjust the medications more closely.

Appointment No Shows

A No Show is an appointment which you did not show for or showed up more than 10 minutes late to and did not cancel with at least 24 hours notice.


We reserve time for each appointment and when appointments are missed, it means that we were not able to see other patients who need our care.  For this reason, we adhere to a policy of suspending patients from scheduling appointments for three months if they no show for three appointments.  However, patient suspended due to the accumulation of three no shows can still call to make same-day appointment