Telemedicine Services are provided through Long Valley Health Center's medical services in Laytonville.

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Telemedicine is a private and secure video meeting system similar to Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. It allows providers to care for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Long Valley Health Center providers are enrolled in which allows them to create a secure personal room for telemedicine visits. Before a patient’s virtual visit and if they are text-enabled, they are sent a web link to a tutorial; so, they can learn how to use the interface. On the day of the appointment, patients are sent a web link to their provider’s virtual waiting room for the appointment. 


Covid-19 and wildfires affect the health of our community. Indeed, Mendocino County experiences frequent wildfires during the dry season and is home to the two largest wildfires in California State history. Due to poor air quality caused by smoke, residents experience an increase in the severity of respiratory illnesses, and patients with chronic conditions are particular sensitive to smoke and ash. Telemedicine helps patients and providers check-in and assess any temporary needed changes to treatment plans.


During outbreaks such as Covid-19, patients sometimes feel like they cannot leave their home or are nervous to come into a health center. Long Valley Health Center has implemented protocols to keep our patients and staff safe from exposure at the health center while making sure the community is still able to receive quality care. Telemedicine is part of that solution. 


Telemedicine has also allowed Long Valley Health Center to expand its services to include Endocrinology, Psychiatry, and Rheumatology. Long Valley Health Center continues to meet the needs of our patients from the safety of their own homes. Don’t let health care move to the wayside. 


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